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Lize's bathroom renovation


Lize's story started like many others in her situation. She wanted to renovate a basement bathroom so that her daughter could have her own bathroom to use and so she could have a nice modern space to do her laundry.

In order to find a contractor she reached out to a real estate agent she knew who provided her some referrals. This led her to the contractor she hired and began the renovation in mid-June 2020 during the first-wave of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Lize was told the renovation would take 3 weeks. Sadly, the job was never finished and the homeowner gave up on the contractor in January 2021. 7 months later and she was left to live with a poorly finished renovation!

Her story is being told so that others, like yourself, can learn from her experience and choose an experienced contractor, who relies on trusted trades, from the onset of your project. When she wanted to renovate her upstairs bathroom she reached out to Branton Construction Group.

Pandemic Contractors!
Renovation Gone Wrong!
Season 1 Episode 1!

Join Contractor Ryan as he takes on the challenge of demolishing a poorly executed basement bathroom renovation. Watch as Ryan uncovers the unfolding issues, explores potential solutions, and discusses the necessary inspections and permits. Throughout the process, he strives to rectify the challenges of this renovation, all while carefully considering Lize's budget and addressing her concerns. Stay tuned for an insightful journey into the world of renovation and problem-solving!

Pandemic Contractors! 
What Lies Beneath The Surface..
Season 1 Episode 2!

Contractor Ryan is back after demolition day as they figure out what lies beneath the surface. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events unfold as they find additional plumbing and insulation issues, and so much more.

Pandemic Contractors! 
Failed Inspection! What?
Season 1 Episode 3!

Max the electrician joins forces with Contractor Ryan to unravel the reasons behind the failed inspection. Witness their expertise as they trace down jammed wires and explore simple solutions for the repairs.

Pandemic Contractors! 
Problem Solving, City Inspection Passed! 
Season 1 Episode 4!

We're one step closer to the end! See Contractor Ryan guiding Joel to redo framing and drywall, which involves relocating the washer, shower, and toilet. In addition to that, they revisit the drawing process for these specific changes, ensure inspection passes, and gear up for the big and fun stuff!

Pandemic Contractors! 
Electrical, ceiling lights, vanity installation and the big reveal!
The Finale! Season 1 Episode 5!

It's Monday morning, marking the final day of work on Lize's bathroom. Max completes the electrical work, Joel focuses on centering the shower ceiling lights, the vanity gets installed, and Contractor Ryan shares bonus information. Stay tuned for the amazing before-and-after reveal!

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