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Seeking an exceptional, captivating, and educational speaker for your audience?


Look no further than our extraordinary Ryan Branton, a seasoned general contractor with over a decade of experience in the industry.


With a remarkable ability to connect with people, he has become renowned for his insightful talks at various home shows, leaving attendees inspired and eager to implement his expert advice.

Ryan possesses a unique talent for demystifying the often complex world of general contracting. Whether he's discussing how to establish trust in your contractor, unraveling the intricacies of renovation pricing, or guiding you through the maze of working with city officials, his presentations are an absolute game-changer.


Combining his wealth of knowledge with his engaging speaking style, he effortlessly imparts practical strategies and tips that empower homeowners to navigate their renovation projects with confidence.


Need a specialized general contractor at your upcoming event/home show?

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