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Let's Talk Renovations

not knowing where to start is scary - let me help you!

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI, Saskatchewan

Let's Chat!

Homeowners can chat directly with Contractor Ryan! 


The first chat will listen to your story and give you some sound advise on where to go from here, as well as:

  1. Provide you with a well-tuned checklist for beginning the rebuild process 

  2. Contractor Interview cheat sheet, plus in-depth explanation with examples 

  3. Step by step guide and where to start 

  4. Ensuring Compliance of your contractor 

  5. Verifying need for drawings & Permits 

  6. Defining the scope of the project

  7. Reviewing images of existing area(s)

  8. Reviewing idea boards (Lets talk Budget)

  9. Average timelines of renovations projects

The second chat (best after you have received a couple quotes) will cover:

(Up to 60 minutes)

  1. What to expect during the process of renovating

  2. How to verify Licenses & Insurances

  3. How to understand the quotes

  4. How to understand the warranties

  5. Demo Day - Dealing with dust

  6. When to call the inspector

  7. How to Close out the job - When to pay for the work

What we do on your behalf:

  1. Ensure the selected contractor has insurance

  2. Ensure workers' compensation requirement for your province

  3. Ensure name brand products are being used (via photos)

  4. Review Inspection reports (ensuring compliance)

  5. Check up to 2 references of your contractor

Take the First Step towards Your FIXING Renovation

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