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Season Three (NEW)

Ottawa's Ugliest Bathroom

Prepare to witness a renovation that transcends mere aesthetics, Ottawa!

Contractor Ryan and his team didn't just tackle the city's ugliest bathroom; they embarked on a journey to uplift spirits and restore mental well-being.

Walking into the old bathroom was like stepping into a time warp of despair. The crumbling walls and dreary color scheme mirrored the state of mind of whoever dared to enter.


But Contractor Ryan saw beyond the surface. Recognizing the impact of environment on mental health, they set out not only to renovate but to rejuvenate.

With each tile laid and every fixture installed, they infused the space with hope and positivity.


The transformation wasn't just physical; it was emotional. As the bathroom took shape, so did a sense of renewal and optimism. Every detail, meticulously chosen, aimed to create a sanctuary for the soul.


And now, behold the result – not just a renovated bathroom, but a haven of serenity and solace. Ottawa's ugliest bathroom has become its most beautiful symbol of resilience and restoration

Ottawa Ugliest Bathroom
Season 3

Check out Lize's bathroom renovation story! 

Season One

Lize's story started like many others in her situation. She wanted to renovate a basement bathroom so that her daughter could have her own bathroom to use and so she could have a nice modern space to do her laundry.

In order to find a contractor she reached out to a real estate agent she knew who provided her some referrals. This led her to the contractor she hired and began the renovation in mid-June 2020 during the first-wave of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Lize was told the renovation would take 3 weeks. Sadly, the job was never finished and the homeowner gave up on the contractor in January 2021.

7 months later and she was left to live with a poorly finished renovation!

Her story is being told so that others, like yourself, can learn from her experience and choose an experienced contractor, who relies on trusted trades, from the onset of your project. When she wanted to renovate her upstairs bathroom she reached out to Branton Construction Group.

Pandemic Contractors!
Renovation Gone Wrong!
Season 1 Episode 1!

Join Contractor Ryan as he takes on the challenge of demolishing a poorly executed basement bathroom renovation. Watch as Ryan uncovers the unfolding issues, explores potential solutions, and discusses the necessary inspections and permits. Throughout the process, he strives to rectify the challenges of this renovation, all while carefully considering Lize's budget and addressing her concerns. Stay tuned for an insightful journey into the world of renovation and problem-solving!

Pandemic Contractors! 
What Lies Beneath The Surface..
Season 1 Episode 2!

Contractor Ryan is back after demolition day as they figure out what lies beneath the surface. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events unfold as they find additional plumbing and insulation issues, and so much more.

Pandemic Contractors! 
Failed Inspection! What?
Season 1 Episode 3!

Max the electrician joins forces with Contractor Ryan to unravel the reasons behind the failed inspection. Witness their expertise as they trace down jammed wires and explore simple solutions for the repairs.

Pandemic Contractors! 
Problem Solving, City Inspection Passed! 
Season 1 Episode 4!

We're one step closer to the end! See Contractor Ryan guiding Joel to redo framing and drywall, which involves relocating the washer, shower, and toilet. In addition to that, they revisit the drawing process for these specific changes, ensure inspection passes, and gear up for the big and fun stuff!

Pandemic Contractors! 
Electrical, ceiling lights, vanity installation and the big reveal!
The Finale! Season 1 Episode 5!

It's Monday morning, marking the final day of work on Lize's bathroom. Max completes the electrical work, Joel focuses on centering the shower ceiling lights, the vanity gets installed, and Contractor Ryan shares bonus information. Stay tuned for the amazing before-and-after reveal!

Season Two

The Diamond Project 

Contractor Ryan and his crew overview what they are working with: 

a fully finished secondary dwelling, residing in the basement, where the homeowners will reside once they retire, giving the upstairs to the kids. 

Though to the naked eye it may seem well-done, Contractor Ryan and his team can see through the many mistakes that have been made.

Secondary Dwellings are highly regulated in Ontario due to fire hazards and health safety. This contractor made many mistakes that would have failed inspections and contained major fire risks. Therefore, a good chunk must be torn down. As the budget isn’t unlimited, Contractor Ryan ensures he salvages as much as possible while solving the problem.

Without Contractor Ryan’s work, this would, quite literally, have become a secondary dwelling from hell.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Secondary Dwellings!
Season 2 Episode 1!

Join Contractor Ryan on a renovation journey as he and the crew swiftly address issues in a newly revamped secondary dwelling. From mold and insulation challenges to the absence of a permit, Ryan strategically navigates complexities, emphasizing precision, skill, safety, and code compliance. Witness the transformation as Ryan not only resolves the issues but elevates the botched secondary dwelling to what dreams are made of. 

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Everything is bigger than it seems..
Season 2 Episode 2!

With the initial problems resolved, a new wave of challenges emerges. Poorly designed door openings adjacent to concrete walls lead to costly repairs, while shoddy drywall installation results in a minor plumbing issue. Contractor Ryan, undeterred, also tackles fire hazards and showcases solutions to these problems in this second episode. With this expertise, Ryan navigates intricate issues, offering practical remedies and ensuring a thorough transformation.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Bonus Episode! Drafting a Secondary Dwelling

In this bonus episode, Contractor Ryan engages in a discussion with Dustin, the original designer of the basement. Dustin's designs and plans were completely mishandled by the previous contractors, with no inspections called for. Dustin collaborates with Contractor Ryan to rectify these problems, providing viewers with an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Let's Get To Work! 
n 2 Episode 3!

With the restoration of balanced airflow, the removal of insulation, and the successful mitigation of numerous previous hazards, Contractor Ryan and his skilled crew are now ready to begin the reconstruction of this nightmarish secondary dwelling!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Supporting Concrete!
Season 2 Episode 4!

Contractor Ryan and his dedicated team dive into the task of addressing unsupported concrete adjacent to a window by skillfully installing a lintel. This not only showcases their problem-solving expertise but also emphasizes the paramount importance of safety in buildings, all while contributing to the educational aspect of the process.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
A Window of Opportunity!
eason 2 Episode 5!

After getting rid of the old, Contractor Ryan puts in new basement windows with a window well and installs warm flooring. He also talks about keeping things safe by discussing frost protection and proper marking for clients and workers.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Surprises Await!
Season 2 Episode 6!

Contractor Ryan and his crew are in for a packed day! They start by putting in new concrete tiling, doors, and a new toilet. But when they reach the hot tub, a surprising flaw in the electric grid catches everyone off guard. This is an episode you definitely don't want to miss!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Fixing the Gaps!
Season 2 Episode 7!

In this episode, the electricians tackle wiring problems and the GFI issue. Meanwhile, Contractor Ryan and the Affordable Concrete crew kick off the reconstruction of the previously mishandled concrete pouring, adding frost protection and moving closer to installing another staircase—all while adhering to health and safety protocols.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
A Day with Ryan!
Season 2 Episode 8!

Join Contractor Ryan on a day of running errands for multiple projects with the Branton Construction team! This episode provides a glimpse into a typical day with Ryan, offering a sneak peek into upcoming projects. Tune in to discover the ins and outs of the contracting world!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
The Reveal!
Final Episode! Season 2 Episode 9!

Join Contractor Ryan and his crew as they unveil the completed renovation in this highly anticipated video. Ryan explains the meticulous attention to detail that went into meeting the clients' needs, and viewers get an up-close look at the genuine reactions of the clients as they see their transformed space for the first time. It's a satisfying moment that captures the culmination of hard work.

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