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Season 2 (NEW)

Check out Lize's bathroom renovation story! 

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Contractor Ryan and his crew overview what they are working with: 

a fully finished secondary dwelling, residing in the basement, where the homeowners will reside once they retire, giving the upstairs to the kids. 

Though to the naked eye it may seem well-done, Contractor Ryan and his team can see through the many mistakes that have been made.

Secondary Dwellings are highly regulated in Ontario due to fire hazards and health safety. This contractor made many mistakes that would have failed inspections and contained major fire risks. Therefore, a good chunk must be torn down. As the budget isn’t unlimited, Contractor Ryan ensures he salvages as much as possible while solving the problem.

Without Contractor Ryan’s work, this would, quite literally, have become a secondary dwelling from hell.

Lize's story started like many others in her situation. She wanted to renovate a basement bathroom so that her daughter could have her own bathroom to use and so she could have a nice modern space to do her laundry.

In order to find a contractor she reached out to a real estate agent she knew who provided her some referrals. This led her to the contractor she hired and began the renovation in mid-June 2020 during the first-wave of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Lize was told the renovation would take 3 weeks. Sadly, the job was never finished and the homeowner gave up on the contractor in January 2021. 7 months later and she was left to live with a poorly finished renovation!

Her story is being told so that others, like yourself, can learn from her experience and choose an experienced contractor, who relies on trusted trades, from the onset of your project. When she wanted to renovate her upstairs bathroom she reached out to Branton Construction Group.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Secondary Dwellings! Season 2 Episode 1!

Contractor Ryan gets to check out the secondary dwelling that has just been renovated. After a quick look, they already see a wide range of problems and fire hazards, so they get to work. Mold, bad installation of insulation and spray foam are only some of the errors that occurred in this job. It turns out that there was no permit either. Watch as Contractor Ryan solves these problems, while saving as much of the secondary dwelling as possible.

Pandemic Contractors!
Renovation Gone Wrong! Season 1 Episode 1!

Contractor Ryan gets to demolish a basement bathroom renovation that went wrong. Watch as Ryan exposes the issues that will unfold, what can be done to save it and what kind of inspections and permits are needed. In order to rectify the renovation, all while keeping in mind Lize's budget and her concerns.

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Everything is bigger than it seems.. Season 2 Episode 2!

Now that the initial problems have been addressed, many more were still to come. Terribly designed door openings next to concrete walls make for expensive repairs, and bad drywall installation causes a slight plumbing problem. Finally, even more fire hazards are addressed, and Contractor Ryan demonstrates solutions to all of these problems here in this second episode.

Pandemic Contractors! 
What Lies Beneath The Surface. Season 1 Episode 2!

Contractor Ryan is back after demolition day as they figure out what lies beneath the surface. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events unfold as they find additional plumbing and insulation issues and so much more. 

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Bonus Episode! Drafting a Secondary Dwelling

In this bonus episode, Contractor Ryan sits down with Dustin, the original designer of the basement, whose designs and plans were completely botched by the previous contractors, and no inspections were called. Dustin works with Contractor Ryan to fix this botched renovation, and you get to see what goes on behind the scenes!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Let's Get To Work! Season 2 Episode 3!

Now that airflow has been balanced, insulation has been removed, and many of the previous hazards have been mitigated, Contractor Ryan and his crew can get to work on rebuilding this secondary dwelling from hell!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Supporting Concrete! Season 2 Episode 4!

Contractor Ryan and his team get to work on solving unsupported concrete next to a window by installing a lintel, showing the need for safety in buildings and educating others in the process. 

Pandemic Contractors! 
Failed Inspection! What? Season 1 Episode 3!

Max the electrician hops on board with Contractor Ryan as they both explain why the inspection failed. Watch as they trace down jammed wires and how they could repair them with simple solutions. 

Pandemic Contractors! 
Problem Solving, City Inspection Passed! Season 1 Episode 4!

One step closer to the end! Watch as Contractor Ryan instructs Joel to redo some framing and drywall, including relocating the washer ,shower and toilet. Not only that, the drawing process gets revisited for these specific changes, inspection passes and we move along with the big and fun stuff! 

Pandemic Contractors! 
Electrical, ceiling lights, vanity installation and the big reveal!
Season 1 Episode 5! The Finale! 

It's Monday morning and the it's the final day working on Lize's Bathroom. Max finishes up electrical, Joel works on centring the shower ceiling lights, vanity is installed with bonus information from Contractor Ryan and the amazing before and after reveal. 

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
A Window of Opportunity! Season 2 Episode 5!

After getting rid of the old, Contractor Ryan installs new windows in the basement complete with a window well, and a fresh set of properly installed heated flooring. Contractor Ryan also covers the topics of frost protection and proper marking to ensure safety for both the client and his trade workers. 

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Surprises Await! Season 2 Episode 6!

Contractor Ryan and his crew have a busy day ahead! They install new concrete tiling, doors and finally a new toilet. Once they get to the hot tub, they find a fatal flaw in the electric grid that surprises everyone. This is an episode you wouldn't want to miss!

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Fixing the Gaps! Season 2 Episode 7!

In this episode, electricians fix the wiring and address the GFI issue, while Contractor Ryan and the crew at Affordable Concrete begin to rebuild the once botched task of pouring concrete and adding frost protection to get one step closer to adding another staircase while following health and safety protocols. 

Fixing Another Botched Renovation
Season 2 Episode 8!

Coming Soon...

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