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I enjoy educating the public and I am comfortable infront of a camera. Whether that is to shoot a pilot episode or to document a TV segment. I encourage you to checkout some of my latest work. 

Ryan Branton

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Every few weeks Ryan is on local tv educating

people about renovation topics! 

Sanding and Painting Drywall

Published: January 13, 2024

Ryan Branton returns and gives a general how-to on how to properly sand and paint drywall, also providing an alternate way, using spackling. Ryan also promotes his next appearance at the Ottawa Home and Remodeling show over at the EY Centre, where he will be explaining topics such as finishing basements. 

Fixing the Holes in Drywall

Published: January 08, 2024

Ryan Branton gives simple instructions on how to fix a hole in drywall. Ryan also describes his relationship with Bryan Baeumler of Baeumler Approved and promotes their participation in the upcoming Ottawa Home and Remodeling Show from January 18-21

Christmas Lights with Avalan Lighting

Published: November 16, 2023

Ryan Branton speaks about electrical safety for the holidays with everybody beginning to install Christmas lights. Also, Ryan shows a new permanent solution to the traditional string lights; Avalan Lighting, It can be used in multiple settings, having features that promote safety and durability!

Secondary dwellings vs. Basement bedroom

Published: June 19, 2023

Ryan Branton shares some advice for home owners looking to add a basement bedroom or a secondary dwelling. Additionally, Ryan speaks about soundproofing technology: Sonopan!

Before You Build Your Backyard Deck

Published: May 1, 2023

Ryan Branton shares some advice before you start building your deck. As he explains the benefits of using Techno Metal Post.

Oh No, My Contractor Made A Mistake

Published: Mar 6, 2023

Ryan shares tips when problems arise during a renovation.

How Do You Interview A Contractor?

Published: Jan 16, 2023

Ryan Branton has tips to find the right contractor, and what you should know before any renovations begin.

Planning & Budgeting a Renovation

Published: Oct 27, 2022

Ryan shares some tips people should consider before they begin their renovation.

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